2019  Annual School Performance

2018 – 2019  Annual School Performance

Tuesday May 28th and Wednesday May 29th at 7:00 pm

Von Braun Center Concert Hall   

It is the time of year to demonstrate the progression of our students and the development of their skills.  We appreciate all of the time and dedication parents take to help your child in pursuit of his or her passion and we are equally proud of each and every one of our students.  This performance is all about our students and the opportunity for them to shine for you.  We would like to share some information about our process and procedures as a reminder for our returning students and also to help those who will perform with us for the first time. 

The performance order is attached. Rehearsal order will be released shortly.

Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals will be the same day as performance and times will be announced soon. 

-          Each class is given 15 short minutes on the stage for rehearsal.  It is essential your dancer be on time.

-          Photos will be taken during rehearsal as well as a class photo.  Please be in performance wear and make up for photos.  Details of how you can acquire photos will be posted in June.

-          Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled rehearsal time.  This allows enough time to park and walk into the VBC.  After entering the Concert Hall, walk to the right and someone or signs will be posted to direct you.  It is essential your dancer be on time.

-          Parents must remain in the building during the rehearsal time.  Your child will sit with his/her class in the first few rows.  This will make getting classes to and from the stage efficient.  Parents are asked to wait either in the lobby or sit in the back of the house (audience).  Any non-participant sitting in the house will be asked to sit behind the production table to reduce distraction.  Pre-Ballet students requiring close supervision may have a parent remain with them.


Performance Information

-          Arrival time for all students is 6:30 pm. Curtain time is 7 pm.

-          All students will be checked in through the Rehearsal Room located to the right of the Concert Hall.  Please have your student(s) dressed and ready to perform which includes hair, makeup, and assigned costume pieces.  Students in Ballet 3 and below will be escorted to the Green Room.  Students in Ballet 3x and above will make their way backstage to their dressing room. 

-          If your student has performed in the first Act, and you would like for them to watch the second Act, check him or her out from the Rehearsal Room during the Intermission to reduce disruption of other audience members during the performance.  Remember, someone’s child is on stage so please do not enter and exit the house during a piece.  All students will be checked out from the Rehearsal Room promptly at the end of the performance. 

-          Please do not send food back with your child, but we absolutely encourage a bottle of water. 

-          No parking passes are available for this production. 

-          Admittance to this performance is free. Invite friends and family to share in the accomplishments of your dancer.


Volunteers Needed – This production would not be possible without your participation!  We appreciate each and every volunteer that helps behind the scenes to make the show a success.

-          Parent volunteers are needed for each performing class up to level Ballet 3.  Please notify your child’s teacher or the front desk if you would like to be with your dancer backstage and watch from the wings.

-          We need a few volunteers to help during rehearsals in the lobby and sitting with the waiting dancers.  We need Table check-in/check-out persons as well as Runners on performance evenings. If you are willing to volunteer but don’t know your availability yet, please email me and I’ll keep a list and we’ll work out details closer to time. Please contact Jessica Claire Hall, volunteercoordinator@huntsvilleballet.org or text 256-682-9356, to volunteer.

-          Bouquet volunteers are needed Tuesday morning to prepare bouquets and again at 6 pm and during the intermission on the days of the performances. Please contact Susie, schoolmanager@huntsvilleballet.org, if you are willing to help with the dancer bouquets. 



-          Children are ineligible to perform if tuition and fees are not to date.


Any questions?  Please call us at 256-539-0961 or email schoolmanager@huntsvilleballet.org


Thank you for choosing Huntsville Ballet School for your classical ballet and dance education!  Summer registration is now open and we encourage you to take advantage of summer classes!

Huntsville Ballet